HOPE KKK Kalinga Kontra Korona

HOPE KKK Kalinga Kontra Korona

The Hope KKK QC COVID facility at the KorPhil Building was turned over last April 15, 2020 to the QCU LGU and it is now fully operational under the management of the QC Health Department.

• A total of 110 patients have been served at the facility including those who have been discharged.

• We have installed two tarpaulin signages to identify the facility (one at gate of QC University and one in front of the KorPhil Building).

• Stickers from Rotary for room identification will be installed by the building maintenance or health workers at their availability. Waiting for pictures from them.

• As of today after paying all suppliers, total expenses amount to : Php 1,310,018.00

• Our continued support of the facility for the next 30-60 days will entail the following expected expenses: 1) additional rental of partitions per month P162,500 for additional 1-2 months as needed; 2). Food provision for 1 meal a day for 30 days for 150 persons for patients and heathcare workers estimated at P405,000. This will vary according to admissions. 3). PPE’s for workers estimated at 1,200 pcs/month. Some are donated in kind and some are purchased by us.

• All other items needed for the facility should be provided by the LGU as discussed with the doctors

• Donations in Kind continue to come in and by Tuesday, we will conduct physical inventory of all items and non monetary donations in storage for proper turnover to Korphil. Proper acknowledgments will be made shortly in our next Update.

• A request for support for testing kits has been made (estimated at P850-950/kit) but it depends on resources that will come in.

• As of now, we continue to support the facility’s operations with meals, PPEs, and supplies.

Thank you for being our partners in hope, for your continued support and prayers!

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